DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue
DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue
DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue
DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue
DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue
DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue
Sky Blue

DiFOLD Origami Bottle - Sky Blue

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Compact, stable, and fun-to-fold water bottle. 

  • Ultra-sturdy, holds 25 oz (750 ml), weighs 0.26 lbs (120g)  
  • Elegantly folds to 20% in volume
  • Treated fairly, can last for 3-4 years of daily ReFolding
  • Body made of safe, plant-based, durable cradle-to-cradle polymer

Safety, durability, and sustainability at the forefront!

Support a bigger mission: Every Origami Bottle helps us get into the packaging space where we aim to introduce a wide range of refillable collapsible containers that scale zero waste shopping. Be part of a bigger #ReUseReFold Revolution!

Main body
- Bio-based premium TPC.
- BPA/BPS and phthalate-free. 
- Closed loop recyclable.
- Super durable also on the folding creases.

Cap & Neck
- Stainless steel cap with a flip ring on top.
- Leakproof with double isolation gasket made of silicone.

- Capacity: 25 oz | 750 ml
- Weight: 120 g (with cap)
- Folded Height:
2.2 in (5.5 cm)
- Unfolded Height: 8.3 in (21 cm)
- Body diameter:
3.2 in (8.3 cm)
- Neck diameter: 1,37 in (3.5 cm)

- Safe for dishwasher and bottle-brush cleaning.
- Hand washing is recommended for a longer lifespan.
- Glossy internal surface for easier cleaning.
- Meant for water use.
- Safe for hot and cold water but it’s not isothermal.
- Do not microwave.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
A. H. (Charleston, US)
Very satisfied!!

There are many collapsible bottles on the market, but this one seems to be the best among the ones I have researched. When I actually held the product in my hands, the design, quality, and stability were just as I expected. It's not cheap, but it's well worth it. And I will continue to use it for a long time. I hope many people will get this bottle and the number of plastic bottles will decrease.

Christina Muenzner (Loessnitz, DE)
Love my DiFold!

I love the design and functionality of my little pink DiFold bottle. I will buy one for my brother and for a friend who also love outdoor adventures, just like me.

Zoe (Saffron Walden, GB)
Easy folding mechanism, beautiful aesthetics, almost perfect

Love the touch of the matte surface and the reasonable size (I don't have big hands). Plastic smell is minimal and is fading after using for a few days, so I expect it to be a non-issue soon. It's water-tight as advertised too. Initially I found the short metal cap a little fiddly to open or close, but since
I discovered leveraging the metal ring (and not see it as getting "in the way"), it's actually really easy to (un)screw the bottle. Well done to the design team for keeping the folded bottle as short as possible, without compromising the crucial (un)screwing experience. I actually find myself drinking more water because I enjoy the experience of using this bottle.

The bottle is "almost perfect" because of one minor issue. When a filled bottle is turned upside down (imagine how it's bumping around inside a bag), a small amount of water finds its way to the outer rim of the cap's inner surface. If at this moment you open (unscrew) the cap, the trapped water will escape and dribble onto your hand that's holding the bottle --- this has caught me off-guard a few times. I keep my bottle upright most of the time when travelling, so it's unlikely to be a big problem for me, but this could be an inconvenience to others.

Mihael Varbanov (Dobrich, BG)
Top of the top

Great collapsible bottle! Thanks to it, I started consuming more water and I carry it everywhere with me. Comfortable, high-quality, practical and ecological.

Milena (Weiden, DE)
Love it!!

I was a Kickstarter backer and I am totally loving these bottles! Fantastic design, beautifully structured & soft material, and super easy to take with you wherever your next adventure takes you!


All materials used for the Origami Bottle are food-safe: both FDA-approved and EU 1935/2004 compliant. The product is FREE from taste, odor, BPA. No glue, toxins, leads.
1. Main body: made of high-performance premium polymer (TPC, TPE-E, No. 7).
- bio-based and cradle to cradle certified.
- ultra-durable even on the folding creases.
- closed-loop recyclable, i.e. it could be recycled without losing much of its properties in the process.
2. Neck & Cap: made of stainless steel.
3. Isolation gaskets: made of food-grade silicone.

The Origami Bottle is designed to last for years. Treated fairly, the bottle can diligently serve you for 3-4 years of daily usage. The folding creases can resist several thousand folds.

You can wash the bottle by hand or put it in the dishwasher. All parts, including the internal silicone gasket in the cap and the silicone outer ring can be removed and cleaned individually.

We do recommend manual wash with a bottle brush because dishwashers are much more aggressive when it comes to temperatures and detergents.

If you prefer dishwashing please keep temperature up to 65 degrees and use a fragrance-free detergents to avoid any slight detergents odors. When placing the bottle in the dishwasher make sure nothing presses it to avoid unwanted deformations.

The Origami Bottle is designed to hold water. We do not recommend using it for coffee, tea or other drinks as stains and smells may occur.

The Origami Bottle is safe for hot and cold water but it’s not isothermal and its surface gets hot.

If you use it for hot water we recommend that you do not touch the hot surface to avoid burns. Use the cap ring instead.

Main superpower:
Folds like magic.

Оrigami Art has its folding secrets and so does DiFOLD. Know where to press to fold it correctly and treat it fairly.

Another superpower:

Uncompromising stability

We dare to say that NO other collapsible bottle is as sturdy as DiFOLD.

Bigger mission

#ReUseReFold Revolution

A small collapsible bottle for humans.
A big step in the Revolution of packaging.

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