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The Origami Bottle is designed to hold water. We DO NOT recommend using it for coffee, tea or other drinks as stains and odors may occur.

We DO NOT recommend also using it for carbonated water or other carbonated drinks as they create high pressure and due to the flexibility of the material the bottle inflates and cannot stay on a flat surface. Moreover, with such high pressure, the bottle may break at the weldings especially if it’s pressed or dropped.

The Origami Bottle is safe for hot and cold water but it’s not isothermal and its surface gets hot. If you use it for hot water we recommend that you do not touch the hot surface to avoid burns. Use the tightened cap ring instead.

You have options to wash it by hand or safely put it in the dishwasher. You can remove the internal silicone gasket in the cap and clean all parts individually.

We do recommend manual wash with a bottle brush because dishwashers are much more aggressive when it comes to temperatures and detergents.

If you prefer dishwashing please keep temperature up to 150 °F (65 °C) and use fragrance-free detergents to avoid any slight detergent odors. When placing the bottle in the dishwasher make sure nothing presses it to avoid deformations.

The Origami Bottle is designed to last for years. If you use it with care it can take up to several thousand folds.

Your bottle may not remain folded if:
> You have removed the internal gasket and haven’t placed it back;
> You have placed the internal gasket back but you haven’s pressed its periphery properly back into the internal surface of the cap which may lead to a poor vacuum effect or leakages. Use a spoon to press the gasket to the upper part of the cap. See an explainer video above after the 1st minute.

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