Meet the Origami Bottle

The first foldable bottle made of PLANT-based material.

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We exist to make ReUSE more manageable and FUN.

The Original. Not made of silicone.
Meet the Origami Bottle

25 oz (750ml) fold at 80% in volume.
Weighs only 0.26 lbs /120g.

As stable as conventional bottles.
Resists thousands of folds and years of use.

Made of odorless PLANT-based material. BPA/BPS free
Clean it in dishwasher or with a bottle brush.

Question is ... where will you take it?

FREE Shipping to the US, UK, EU.
Precious purse saver
Space-saving gear
Refilling on the go
Traveling lighter
Your green festival wizard

First time folding 👀

Brought to life with the help of 3,400 backers from 70+ countries.

I'll be taking mine to Burning Man! They're great quality - thanks so much for all the hard work.


The color is lovely, kind of a slate ocean blue, and I’m really impressed with how it was packaged. It’s amazing how small it folds, and it really does feel sturdy opened up.


Awesome job, DiFOLD! Took mine on a wild camping trip! It’s always great to save some space in the backpack 🎒


Just got ours in Normandy, France! It's so much lighter than a regular metal bottle, it's going to help our backs daily.


I love carrying it empty in my fanny pack through airports!

Adam Peek

Just received mine in Paris! They look fantastic. Gain of space in the bag when there is no water anymore. Brought them to my trip to Cuba in August. Magic!



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A small bottle for humans.
A big step in the Revolution of packaging.

Our larger mission to accelerate the transition to ReUsable packaging for consumer goods.

The Origami Bottle is the flagman that sets the stage for other foldable refillable containers.

Would you join us on this #ReUseReFold Revolution?