On a mission to set a new design standard for ReUse.

Hi! We’re Radina and Petar from DiFOLD 👋

We believe that we can help live in a world where packaging does not become waste and is simply reusable and collapsible by DiFOLD.

Starting a bigger #ReUseReFold Revolution

A small bottle for humans.
A big step in the Revolution of packaging.

In 2018 we embarked on a journey to explore the potential of our collapsible designs with the idea to diminish our dependence on single-use items.

Fast forward - the Origami Bottle was born.

As a flagship product, it sets the stage for other space-saving foldable products to be developed and introduced as ReUsable packaging at scale.

Every bottle sold helps us get closer to our bigger mission to fight single-use and impact the packaging industry.

DiFOLD's collapsible designs are applicable far beyond bottles.

Lifestyle reusables essentials

More convenient, sustainable and
fun-to-use reusable essentials for everyday ReUse.

Refillable shopping containers

Lightweight and easy-to-carry ReUsable packaging for zero-waste shopping and takeaways.

Larger barrels & Shipping containers

Space-saving supply chain and
logistics containers that are cost and environmentally efficient.

Utility patented
Design technology

A system of geometrical patterns that work with different materials and can be used for the creation of various foldable products.